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Heading, Stallions

 ​​​           Gay Bars Jess  x  Silver Roxie (Production Plaque)

Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association HALL OF FAME
Appaloosa Horse Club HALL OF FAME

   ​​  ....is truly an amazing individual. From shakey beginnings (read "HISTORY") to 4X World Champion in cutting, to premier breeding stallion at T.O.P. Appaloosas. "SILVER" is the whole package. Bred by Liz Kincaid and owned by her his entire life, Silver came out of no where and repeatedly proved his abilities in the cutting pen: even winning Nationals in Novice Non Pro cutting with Liz Kincaid (a green rider) in the saddle. But, it didn't stop there, his foals continue to follow their sires winning ways. Silvers's unmatched pedigree creates foals that do well in most any performance class they are asked to work in. Name any stock horse event and a Silver baby has more than likely mastered it. Not many cutting or reining stallions are able to sire foals that traverse so many genres, but Silver babies do. The best part is there is no sign of them slowing  down.  (see "WINNERS"). 
   How about off the charts in looks? Silver is there. He is a horse that sires horses; he stands 14.2 and is 940 lbs. He has good bone, balanced muscling, a clean neck and chiseled head.  He was blessed with a thick flowing mane & tail and the fact that he is a dilute means your chances of obtaining a buckskin, palomino or maybe even a black  are distinct possibilites. This stallion is easy to handle and has big soft eyes; to this day his trainer, Mike Combs, will brag about what a good minded stud he was and how easy he was to train.  ("MISC." for videos of SILVER cutting) This is the stallion that will give you an athlete to ride, earn an ROM, then go into the performance halter classes and win. His babies tend to inherit great looks, intelligence and natural athleticism.
   Silver has been written about in several magazines and newspapers: The Quarter Horse News, The Appaloosa Journal, Western Horseman's LEGENDS series, Horse & Rider, Art Horse Magazine (cover story), HQ - South Africa's Premier Equestrian Magazine, The Lone Star Horse Report and local news papers. With his total earnings in cutting approximately $3500 + (limited showing) and foals that have won approximately $11,600 + in NRHA earnings and approximately $18,000 + in ApCHA earnings....Silver recently became THE FIRST STALLION NOMINATED AND VOTED INTO THE ApCHA HALL OF FAME! This was a well deserved honor for GAY BARS SILVER.  In 2018 GAY BARS SILVER reached the pennicle of Appaloosa success and was voted into the ApHC HALL OF FAME!!!  Another well deserved and coveted honor!!!
    Before you pick a stallion ask yourself these questions: Is he well bred? Is his confirmation correct?  Is he 5 panel N/N? Is he a champion? Has he left a legacy? Does he sire as good or better horses than  himself? Does he consistantly sire winners from different mares? Does he pass on his intelligence, good looks and willingness (want to) ?  Silver does all that and more!!!
  GAY BARS SILVER truly is THE WHOLE PACKAGE! Please feel free to contact us for a breeding contract or browse through the Silver babies we have for sale. Your next Champion is at T.O.P. Appaloosas.........
Liz Kincaid
T.O.P.  Appaloosas
Arygle, Texas
[email protected]
Only frozen available

Mare Care Available:
Select Breeders (of Aubrey, Texas) rates apply
Foaled:  2000
14.2      940 lbs
Palomino:   blanket/star
Agouti:   Heterozygous  (Aa)
Frame Overo:    Neg
Grey gene:          Neg
Silver gene:         Neg
ApHC Appaloosa Horse Club
CRHA Colorado Renger Horse Assoc.
AAA  Australian Appaloosa Association
Breeders Trust Stallion
14  Consecutive Years
United States
Australia (sold out)
Germany (sold out)
Mike Combs
Gay Bars Silver Cutting - Appaloosa Cutting
Gay Bars Silver cutting - Appaloosa Cutting
GAY BARS​ SILVER'S   wins...
ApHC shows
2003    Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc. 3yr old Open Futurity World Champion
2004    San Antonio Stock Show ApHC Jr. Cutting Champion & High Point Cutting Horse
2004    Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting National Reserve Champion
2004    Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc. 4yr old Derby World Champion
2004    Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting World Champion
2005    San Antonio Stock Show ApHC Jr. Cutting Champion & Res. High Pt. Cutting Horse
2005    Appaloosa Horse Club Novice Non-Pro National Champion
2005    Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting World Champion
2005    Appaloosa Horse Club National High Point Champion
Won 3 Bronze Medallions               ROM cutting              4X World Champion in two years
                                                                                        Open Shows
         Cutting in & around Area 9 Texas
2004    American Southwest Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. Novice Horse Champion
2005    American Cowtown Cutters Open Reserve Champion
2005    East Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. Novice Horse Champion
2005    South Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. 3rd Novice Horse
2006    WCTCHA Novice Horse Reserve Champion

2016    Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc.  HALL OF FAME
2018    Appaloosa Horse Club  HALL OF FAME

                                                                                                               THREE BARS
                                                                                                                                       MYRTLE DEE
                                                                         GAY BAR KING
                                                                                                                GAY  WIDOW
                                                                                                                                        HAPPY GAL
                                      GAY BARS JESS
                                                                                                                CAPTAIN  JESS              
                                                                                                                                               MISS TAYLOR                   
                                                                           CAPS  PRINCESS
                                                                                                               SUN  PRINCESS
                                                                                                                                         SUNDAY FLEET
                                                                                                                                         THREE BARS
                                                                                                               THE OLE MAN
                                                                                                                                         CHICADO V
                                                                          THE POKA MAN                                                                  
                                                                                                                                              PALE MOON B               
                                                                                                                      HERNDONS  POK-A-DOTT
                                        SILVER ROXIE
                                                                                                                                         COMMANCHES EQUAL
                                                                                                                 SILVER STRIKES EQUAL                     
                                                                                                                                          WHIRLING EX
                                                                           SILVERS  MUSIC
                                                                                                                                          MR MUSIC
                                                                                                               DEVILS MUSIC
                                                                                                                                          SATANS MATE
FIVE BARS OF SILVER!!! 2010 (Gay Bars Silver  HOF x Mrs High Five HOF)
     Everyone knows that GAY BARS SILVER (ApHC HALL OF FAME as of 2018!!) sires champions and everyone knows that Ms High Five is in the ApHC Hall Of Fame because she too, produced multiple reining champions.....so what do you get when you cross the best with the best? ANOTHER CHAMPION!!! The owner of Mrs High Five only bred her to the best stallions available and GAY BARS SILVER was the very last sire that was bred to this famous ~ fabulous ~ fantastic ~ Appaloosa mare!! FIVE BARS OF SILVER was the result of this brilliant cross. If you think the banner above is loud wait till you see "STERLING". He is a buckskin near leopard that is a champion reiner and NRHA money earner. He is 14 hands and pretty enough to go do Performance Halter Stallions. He is proudly 5 panel N/N. This young stallion goes back to Mansfields Comanche 8 times!!! He is a beautiful mover; flat kneed with a sit-down stop. (see "MISC." and click on his video)  And his first foals are due in 2016.  Feast your eyes on FIVE BARS OF SILVER....put on your sun glasses just to be safe!! Sterling is sound, healthy and ready to go.....

           Stud Fee: $1500                                                                    
      For Sale: $30,000
Five Bars of Silver
Fiver Bars of Silver 2013 Appaloosa World Champion
Five Bars of Silver reining at 2013 Appaloosa World Show. Champion run
Five Bars of Silver reining
Sterling or Five Bars of Silver
FOR SALE: $30,000
FIVE BARS OF SILVER   2010  (Gay Bars Silver  x  Mrs. High Five)
Gay Bars Silver: 4X World Champion Cutting
ApCHA Hall Of Fame
ApHC Hall Of Fame
Mrs. High Five: Hall Of Fame
14 hands   910 lbs.
5 Panel N/N
Breeders Trust Stallion
Buckskin near Leopard
Owner: Liz Kincaid
Bred by: Marco Brunetti
Reined on by: Zane Haverty
Roped on by: Levi Caviness
2013 National Champion Hackamore Snaffle Bit
2013 ApRHA Open Futurity Reserve World Champion
2014 ApHC Reserve World Champion Hackamore Snaffle Bit
2014 ApHC National High Point Champion Hackamore Snaffle Bit
ROM ~ Reining
2017 Reserve National Champion Judged Heeling
2017 Reserve National Champion Open Heading & Heeling
Product of two ApHC HOF parents!!!!

T.O.P. Appaloosas
225 Stonecrest Rd
Argyle, Texas 76226

Stude Fee: $1500
Chute fee: $450 + shipping
 Wet Mare: $15/day
Dry Mare: $10/day